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We understand that it can be challenging to reach LGBT audiences. Othervox’s marketplace of 30 million LGBT consumers across hundreds of apps, websites and social channels, along with our intelligent audience targeting tools, can help you reach this market with ease.

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In-App Advertising

The most effective way to place your event or health message front & centre for the LGBT (MSM) audience is to advertise on apps. It’s affordable and targeted.


Brands often want more depth and credibility from advertising. Editorials in the right LGBT publications offer just that.

Web Advertising

Web advertising can deliver a global LGBT audience to your door. Tailor adverts to the audience and contextual environment and watch customer engagement rocket.


Audio stays with people all day long, reaching them where visual media can’t — from the car to the shower (really).

Social Media

Everyone’s on social! Promoting your brand to LGBT social media users can lead to viral, trending campaigns.

Events + Sponsorship

Sponsoring an LGBT event or conference gives your business authority in your industry and this boosts your credibility.

LGBT marketing guide cover

Tips for Marketing to LGBT Consumers: A Handy Guide
This guide will help you bring a fresh and different perspective to paid advertising campaigns targeting a group of people which includes or is focused on LGBT audiences. LGBT means ‘Lesbian’, ‘Gay’, ‘Bisexual’ and ‘Transgender’ and also incorporates other groups, such as asexual, intersex, non-binary, queer and questioning, amongst others.

The World’s Largest LGBT Marketplace for Brands and Agencies


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The Power of the LGBT Market

With over 7% of the UK and 20% of millennials purporting to be LGBT, it’s too important a group to ignore.

Spending Power:

The LGBT market possesses more than £100bn in spending power in the UK alone.

Disposable Income:

Same sex households have 23% higher disposable income than mixed sex households.


LGBT people spend 35% more than the general population on packaged goods.

Trend Setters:

LGBT people are trend setters, talking more about things they buy with friends, both on and offline. Aligning with this audience means being on trend.

Frequent Travellers:

LGBT travel frequently and in style.


More is spent on fashion and grooming products by gay men than any other demographic.


LGBT people go to the theatre, visit galleries, and watch films with extraordinary frequency.

Why Othervox?

Fastest Growing LGBT Marketplace

We’re the fastest growing LGBT marketplace in the world with a vast spectrum of publisher partners covering all aspects of LGBT life, including fashion, dating, grooming, travel and more.

30 Million LGBT Users

We have a global audience of over 30 Million LGBT users.

Maximize the ROI

Our clients each get a personal service to ensure we understand the goals of each campaign and how we can maximize the ROI for your budget.

Successful Campaigns

Experienced staff who understand the audience, with a track record of successful campaigns to the LGBT community.


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