Adds Gravitas and Depth to a Product or Service

Used correctly, an editorial piece can add detail, gravitas, and leave a lasting impression of the advantages of your product or service.


Often advertisers want a lasting reference to their product, on that can be searched online, or referred to in a magazine. A well written editorial can sell a product, address any buying concerns, add testimonials and reinforce the product with technical specifications, pictures and endorsements.


At Othervox we can plan your editorial, help to decide on the best LGBT publication for it, and then work with you to implement it at the right time, with the right message to have the most effective response for your company.

Key Advantages

  • Editorials provide time and space for the advertiser to go into depth about the merits of the product or service on offer.

  • You obtain credibility based on the implied endorsement a publication has with its audience.
  • You increase readership (both time spent with and awareness of your message) because you’ve created “content”, which is more likely to be taken into account than a traditional ad.

  • Editorials will exist online as a permanent reference point for searches about the brand, product or service. The link to your site will also boost your SEO ranking.
  • Editorials have high engagement rates from the direct call to action that is inherent within the piece.

  • Readers who do engage are more likely to convert to a paying customer as they are already better informed about the merits of your product or service through the informational, editorial based message you are conveying.

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