Create a Buzz and Make Memories

Appearing at, or sponsoring an LGBT event can be a very effective method of reaching a specific audience, giving your business authority in your industry and boosting your credibility. There are different levels of sponsorship, from taking a stand at an event to being a top-line sponsor. The more involved an advertiser is, the the better the ROI they will see.


To really create a buzz, a brand may decide to hold their own event. This can be a very effective method for launching something new, or taking a new direction. Organising an event can be expensive, but with the right planning, budget and PR, the rewards can be massive.
Sponsor gay pride

Key Advantages

  • Put your business front & centre - create a buzz people will talk about before, during and after

  • Get in front of your target market - Sponsor an event that’s a great fit and you’re likely to have access to thousands of people in your target market, who you can build relationships with.

  • Sponsoring an event can lead to excellent brand awareness and media exposure way beyond the audience in the room. If there’s an element of the event you can have naming rights to, chances are the media will use this name too (Think: The Emirates FA Cup Final).

  • Choosing the right brand to sponsor can affirm the principles and message of your brand.

  • Appearing at an event gives you the opportunity to hand out product samples and in doing so, amplify your voice via your audience's own social channels as they take photos and share positive experiences with your product.

  • Generate strong leads and customer feedback - appearing at an event means you get to meet your potential and existing customers face to face. Ask your existing customers for feedback to improve your product or service and collect details of potential customers.

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