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Many advertisers, especially those in events and healthcare, find advertising on LGBT apps the most effective and creative way of reaching their audience. Depending on the app, advertisers can use banner and full-screen interstitial ads, short video or inbox and broadcast messaging.


Othervox can manage app advertising focusing on a single app (such as Grindr) or a suite of both LGBT and mainstream apps. It is often the case that even within the gay community different audiences use different apps and at Othervox we can tailor your campaign to the right apps depending on your brand.
LGBT app advertising

Key Advantages

  • The only way to almost guarantee your audience is LGBT (only gay men use gay dating apps, for example)
  • Interstitial advertising allows advertisers to engage with their audience without distraction. This can be very powerful to get a message across.

  • Highly focused geo-targeting used within dating apps mean campaigns can be super-targeted to a locale. Great for parties, local promotions and public health information.

  • Healthcare advertisers have found in-app advertising to be particularly beneficial for targeting gay men (MSM). Check out our section dedicated to healthcare advertisers for more information.

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