The Audience, The Opportunity

The opportunity that the LGBT market represents cannot be flaunted enough. Marketing to LGBT consumers, through advertising in LGBT media, using LGBT messages in non-LGBT media or sponsoring LGBT events, constitute the most direct way businesses can communicate to LGBT consumers. LGBT consumers cross with many other diverse segments in terms age, race/ethnicity, gender, ability and so on. Accordingly, the messages used and how those messages portray LGBT consumers demonstrate the depth of a business’s understanding of and serious commitment to the LGBT consumer.

Why Target LGBT People?

  • The UK LGBT market possesses £100bn of spending power
  • LGBT households have 23% higher disposable income
  • LGBT consumers are over twice as likely to buy from companies that they trust
  • LGBT people spend 35% more than the general population online
  • Twice as likely to have a college degree
  • 38% of the LGBT population has a gym membership, compared to the national average of 24%
  • LGBT people are 25% more likely to see a movie on opening weekend
  • LGBT people are 26% more likely to subscribe to an entertainment streaming service
  • LGBT fans spend $234 per year on Music – 48% more than non-LGBT fans
  • Gay men are 22% more likely to purchase an item of clothing worth $500 or more than their straight counterparts
  • Gay men spend 32% more on toiletries and grooming products
  • LGBT consumers spend 35% more on alcohol
  • In the past 12 months, 78% of gay men took a holiday of 3 or more days
All of this, coupled with the fact that LGBT are more likely to talk about positive brand experiences in person and on social media, means that any advertising spend on the LGBT audience is amplified over and above spend on normal channels.
Because of Othervox’s unrivalled reach into the LGBT audience, we encourage a wide and diverse group of advertisers, both gay and straight, to use our platform. Anyone wanting to reach the highly desirable LGBT audience will benefit from working with Othervox.

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