LGBT Video Advertising

Video allows brands to quickly inform and visually entertain their potential LGBT customers and can be a powerful tool to generate click-throughs and conversions. If the video content is well-produced, entertaining and relevant to the LGBT audience, the ad can become the actual content and will be shared among friends.

Othervox Offers the Following Type of Video Ad Placements:

  • Pre-roll/post-roll – These are the ads that play before, during or after a video that a user has selected. (Think YouTube). They can last for 15, 30 or 60 seconds and can be skippable.
  • Outstream (in-article) – This ad unit auto-plays as the user is scrolling through written content. They don’t rely on the user wanting to watch video content and can usually be skipped if the user chooses not to engage.
  • Video Rewards (available exclusively on Grindr) – A user will opt to watch a video in return for unlocking more user profiles within the app. Because the video is not skippable and because of the value-exchange nature of this ad unit (watching the ad in return for unlocking content), completion and engagement rates are extremely high and users view these advertisers positively.

Key Advantages

  • Consumers invest time and sense watching a video of the product that they want or need, and thus can make thoughtful decisions based on facts and logic shown in the video.

  • As videos include audio along with visuals, they create more impact on the viewers’ mind.

  • People love to share what they like and funny or moving video ads are no exception.

  • Videos are the excellent format for informing and educating. Incorporation of audio and visual elements appeal to multiple senses.

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